It's storming once again... :(

Once again, the maritime proviences are enduring another storm. I can say that my drive this morning was great, considering I was on the road before 6:30. The roads were clear and very little traffic.

Now? the roads are terrible and it's blizzard like. I'm glad I'm safe and sound and don't have to go any where. I hope all the bloggers from this part of the world are safe in their homes tonight!


Maureen said…
That sounds scary, keep safe.

I feel a bit mean now complaining of the heat, why nor a happy medium ????
Jane said…
Me too! I hope you and your family and friends are all safely tucked away with heat and hydro working! Is it always this bad in the winter or is this winter worse than usual?? I may have to reconsider moving east!! Woops, too late, already bought a house!!
Jolie said…
It's storming here too. I want spring!!! Keep warm.

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