It's snowing again!

We are having another storm in my neck of the woods! Yuck. I also got my bills for snow removal so far this winter. If I include today's storm and the one earlier this week- I'll have spent over 430.00 for snow removal!

I spent 50.00 for groceries today, including 20.00 for snacks for tonight. I also swung by the library and picked up some books to get me through the week-end. Here's to a nice, quiet week-end!

Oh and my sister sewed 4 panels today for my front window and we came up with ideas for the other windows.


Canadian Saver said…
It's raining here... Will be a nice mess when it freezes!! I'm looking at the forecast and another storm possibly on Tuesday.

Have fun tonight!
Jane said…
I bet your glad to be home all safe and sound with books and snacks and friends coming over! Hope you don't get too much snow! We've had a few mild days with snow melting rapidly but back to cold again tomorrow.
Maureen said…
Not coming from your corner of the world it never even occured to me that you would have to pay for snow removal, and that is a lot of money to have to part with, roll on
The Witch said…
The weather here is freezing rain and snow. Loads of fun. We are planning a party for Sat. which may have to be canceled again.
Did I tell you how tired I am of Winter!!
That's a lot of money for snow removal but it has to be done or you would never see your driveway again. I always hated budgeting for that so when we moved it was the one item we knew we had to purchase, was a good snow blower.
jpkittie said…
yikes! that is a lot for snow removal! I am so very glad that dh does that himself! saves us tons!!!
Sharon said…
Are you sure you don't live in the North Pole?? Holy moly. You are more than welcome to come visit me...our weather this week hit the 70's. It was wonderful. Stay warm, and safe, Sam, and pray for an early spring.

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