It was a short shift tonight!

I worked at my PT job tonight and it was dead! I ended up having under 300 for sales and brought home 20.00 for my efforts. Not the greatest night and the snow didn't help either!

I had a relaxing day, and a few good laughs last night. Now I'm going to sit by the fireplace with a glass of wine and read for a bit, then off to bed for me! I did manage a no spend day today, and tomorrow I'll gas up the vehicle.

Sharon, I would love to drive down your way some day! If the weather keeps up like this, I may decided to run away on a trip!


Sharon said…
And I would love to have you!! :)!
Maureen said…
Sam do you think you could make it to me.......??????
Lisa said…
It would be fun to meet everyone that I regularly visit in the bloggy world!

Wine.... thumbs up!
jpkittie said…
yippee no spend !!! :)

i feel like I know all of you! it would be fun to have everyone together, wouldn't it?!?!
Jane said…
Perhaps we all need to start another envelope fund for "Bloggers Get Together!" I have a feeling it would be a blast! It's cold here again in SW Ontario but the sun is shining:) I'm crossing my fingers that the snow will continue to decrease NOT increase!

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