I'm up for the day and it's just past 3:33...

Oh insomnia, how do I love thee? If counting sheep worked, you would not be here visiting tonight!

Sunday was a good day. I did my parents taxes on turbo tax, and started mine ( but I can;t finish until I have all my papers), make a batch of cookie dough and froze it, got invited out for supper to my uncles house, spent 10.00 at the grocery store, 10.00 on breakfast and 30.00 more dollars.

I walked the dog, got the curtains hung in the living room ( after not having anything up for almost 2 years), and the never ending laundry.

I'm going to go and do some work for work, then I'll get ready to hit the road. I figure I'll be on the road by around 6:30. DD will be getting home on Thursday evening, and we'll have a busy few days. Next week I'll be working at the main office, so no traveling for me, unless I decided to take a day off and go pick up my brothers little guy so he can spend part of his March break with my parents.

Oh, and just so everyone can have a good laugh, we are supposed to be hit with another storm later on today! Spring can't come soon enough.


jpkittie said…
yuck!!!! I am so glad that at this point I don't have trouble sleeping - although, we had a rainstorm roll through here last night & kept me up most of the night.
I hate when insomnia visits me. It is mostly associated with menopause...not real fond of that either.

Hope you rest better tonight!
Maureen said…
As a sufferer of insomnia I know what those 3.30am starts feel like.
I have always associated mine with stress and worry, so after a successful no spend month I,m sleeping better.

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