I'm tired!

I've been up since 1:00 am, and it's being caused by anxiety ( oh the joys of motherhood!)... I can say that I haven't spent any money, because I don't have any to spend! LOL... I'm tired, have a headache and I'll be going to bed very soon! Work... lets just say I have something serious to deal with tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. It may be messy!

I did get notice that my school course have been postponed for two months. Which is not a bad thing, as I can now take part in the no spend month! Plus it gives me a better chance to save more cash for school.

DD will be home for her break during the month, but I'm sure we can do somethings that don't cost a ton of money ( I do want to go to the movies this month and maybe out for supper).

Night all.... I can hardly keep my eyes open, and for those of you getting whalloped by the latest storm... Bless you, as I'm going to miss most of it!


Anonymous said…
I hope you were able to get some sleep!! Yay for taking part in the no spend challenge month! I'm hoping to do well this month with it! :)
Anonymous said…
Sam, I know all about not being able to sleep due to anxiety. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.
Hope the situation is resolved and you will be able to get some rest!
Take care of you!
Jane said…
Yup ditto on the no sleeping due to anxiety over DD - had more than my share of that lately! We're having a snow day though the storm wasn't as bad as predicted. The school boards decided to be proactive and declared it a snow day last night before the storm even got to our area - so no alarm going off at 5:45am this morning - that's my favourite part!!
Hope you get some sleep and are wrestling your work problem to the ground:)
Sharon said…
I'm so sorry you are not feeling well! Work definitely can be stressful.

I'm glad you'll be joining us in the no spend. It seems that it's been easy for some because they can't get out of the house because of the weather! I haven't left my house because of a sick child...very little spending there!

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