I'm home again!

I've managed to get home before another storm again. Yes, the weather man is calling for another storm on Friday afternoon into Saturday. I do have a hair appointment for tomorrow and I'm getting my alignment checked, as my car is pulling to the left on the highway. I'll also pick up a few groceries and I think I'll rent a few movies for the week-end. I'll also fill up the gas tank.

I saw on the news that gas is up to 1.21/litre in Ontario. Our gas here will not be going up until next Thursday ( it's 1.13/litre here today). It scares me slightly right now, as I'll be clocking some serious KMs in the next few months.

I normally don't talk about things in the news, but seeing the devastation in New Zealand and listening to news accounts of happenings in Libya has left me speechless by times. My heart goes out to those who have suffered losses during these turbulent times.

I'm making my goal for March to track every cent I spend, as I've been a slacker in the department and need to get my act together!

Oh and to add to my computer woes? I dumped a glass of water on my "borrowed" laptop at work today! I flipped it upside down and removed the battery and it was still working!


ND Chic'c Cents said…
Yay for being able to sleep in your own bed tonight and the weekend! Have a good one!
Maureen said…
I feel exactly the same as you do about the horror stories we are eeing on the news just now, the world seems to have gone mad !!!!

This morning I put petrol into my car and it cost me $1.32 per litre and because I had a docket from Woolworths it came down to $1.28. a Friday is now the cheapest day to buy fuel as I have seen it up at $1.38 by Wednesday...........
Jane said…
You ARE having your computer problems! Good thing it's Friday and you can stay home! We're in for some "weather" today too, in fact, it's already snowing. Yes, I had to fill up the car at $1.21 and will have to adjust my gas budget if this keeps up! I am not impressed!
The Witch said…
Glad you made it home safe and sound before this next storm hit's us hard.
The horror stories we are seeing on the news and u-tube just breaks my heart. I can't watch any more because I'm crying and depressed. I feel so bad for the woman CBS reporter that it but me in shut down mode.
We have borrowed some movies and I hope they are comedies.
Gas here is a $1.11 and on the rise also. Thanks for the tip about it going up Thursday I'll have to make sure we fill up before then.

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