Friday spends and the storm is over.

It's not quite 11:00 am, and the sun is shining but it is very cold outside. The storm was a good one, complete with high winds. I managed to spend 45.20 on the alignment yesterday ( it was pulling to the left and I didn't want to ruin my tires), 45.00 on my haircut, 31.48 on groceries, including a bunch of tulips that were grown in PEI and an insulated bag to keep my cold things cold or my hot things hot when I buy groceries. I spent 59.87 for gas ( 113.6/litre), 4.00 on a 6/49 ticket, 12.24 at the bulk barn and 17.00 at Block Buster for 2 movies and a treat. I rent The Girl who Played with Fire and The girl who kicked the Hornets Nest. If you've read the books, I highly recommend renting the movies!

Today I'm cleaning the house and getting stuff like that finished up. I will bundle up and take the dog for a brisk walk, as he's getting too fat. I've devised a hands free way to walk the dog, and I even got my mother to try it out yesterday. Fingers crossed that she can take him for little walks every day, while I'm away working.

Tomorrow I want to do some baking and batch cooking, and enjoy some time in the outdoors. I hope everyone stayed safe in the storm last night.


Maureen said…
Sam those Movies are they the Swedish originals or have they been remade in english ??
I have read all three books and loved them.
Glad to see the storm is over.
Maybe one day we will see Jane in PEI growing tulips, what a great idea, I,m a genius !!!
Jane said…
I've read those books AND saw the movies but didn't realize they were all out on dvd now- I want to buy them as they are movies I would watch again. No sun here - just a fine misty snow all day. Hands-free dog walking - is that so you have both hands free to catch you when you slip on the ice??
its me, sam said…
Jane, I use a web belt ( similar to a duty belt that police use) and run the handle of the lead through it). It frees up my hands, and it limits how much the dog can pull me, as I have my body weight to keep him in line and both hands to give a quick tug on his lead if he's acting up. Maureen, I think that is a splendid idea, but I would only have a few hours jaunt to visit the island, while you would have a 24 hours of travel time.

The movies are in Swedish but dubbed into English ( and very well done). I would add them to my buy list for movies!
Sharon said…
Sam, is it Spring yet? Love the idea of buying tulips. SO spring! I've heard about the The Girl who kicked the Hornets Nest..may have to rent that one!

Enjoy your baking!

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