Friday spends and earnings, and a note about Saturday

Friday I spent 8.75, plus another 19.00 on a Valentines gift to myself ( a style of earring that I've been looking for for about 15 years and I didn't want to pay over 20.00 for) and I made 88.00 working for 4 hours! I wasn't feeling the best either so I spent the bulk of the day sleeping or watching Netflix in the comfort of my bed.

Today I spent 64.00 on groceries, including dog food, a stuffed toy for the dog and a bunch of tulips for me ( actually those purchases came to about 42.00 of the grocery bill)! I also ordered a furmigator brush for the dog ( it'll be around 80.00 expensive I know, but I've got to do something about the hair), I did find something to do for now for a total of 9.00, I spent 9.11 at Frenchies on 2 single bed sheets and a book, plus I took items to the Sally Ann, returned books to the library, unloaded all my recyclables, and did a fair bit of cleaning.

Work tonight was decent , I made 100.00 and also got into a pissing match with a customer ( that's the best way to put it). I normally can keep my cool, but in this case the person was nasty ( with a seething rage bubbling under the surface), and I was pretty snarky back ( which is not how I normally treat an issue, but after I gave a solution and they kept getting more pissed, I asked what else can I do and was met with a few angry words, I fired back with a comment, and realized that I was not going to solve the problem spoke with the other manager and filled her in. They was really aggressive verbally to the other staff too. I'm still laughing about my comment, but to be quite honest, I was a little worried about getting a punch in the face after speaking to with them for the first minute. ( It must be something in the air lately with semi psycho people or maybe it's just me!)

Tomorrow will be more work for me, fingers crossed a snowshoeing adventure and the usual getting ready for the week!


Maureen said…
Did you check outside to see if there was a full moon, sometimes working with the public is so stressful.

You are a bit like me just now its all working and earning, still it,s expensive having a dog which sheds such an amount of hair.
it's the time of year, everyone is totally fed up to the back teeth of this rotten stinking weather.......

Me and the snow plow driver will come to blows one day if he fills in the bottom of my driveway again!!

The Witch said…
Sounds like you had a real rotten customer. Probably had other issues and decided to take it out on you and the others. Don't you just love idiots like that!
I bought some tulips last week which are growing here and shipped all around. They have such beautiful colours to choose from and are not badly priced $6.99 for 10 tulips. It really brighten up the blah's of Winter for me.
Glad you made some good tip money.
Canadian Saver said…
I dreamed of you last night!! You'd come over to spend a few days and you introduced us to your husband at one point, a 78 year old widower I see at work!! LOL that was soooooooo funny!!

I hate rude customers and I find after a while you can only take so much!!
its me, sam said…
I need a good laugh today and you ladies provided it for me! CS, I have to laugh about your comments, as we have a "regular" who's in his late 70's and has a crush on me! I'm sitting here, still laughing to myself, as I can't imagine being married to someone who's older than my Dad.

I told my mom what happened, and my mom was like" that's not like you at all". I think it was the icing on the cake for this week! Thanks again ladies!

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