Almost the time to go home...

In less than 24 hours I will be on my own home. I'll be happy to get home and get somethings done, like get the curtains made for the living room window ( after all I've only had the material for almost 2 years!).

Today I spent 19.00 at Shoppers for a new book, candy and a lotto ticket, plus 3.75 for coffee and charity at Tim's. My only notewothy thing about my expenses today was that I didn't buy chips and dive head first into the bag!

Tomorrow is pay day and I'll pay the bills, buy groceries and drive home! Friday I'm going to get together with a few freinds and fingers crossed have a few laughs, which are much needed.

Oh and the fuuny part of my week? Finding a parcel on my desk, opening it and discovering that it held a chocolate man in it, who was complete with heart covered boxers. The best joke? It contained hazelnuts, which I'm deathly allergic too! I left a note thanking whom ever left it for me, saying thanks for the thought, but are you trying to kill me? I gave it to a co-worker. It was worth the laugh however, a parcel with my named typed in it. ( no hand writing, as I recognize most peoples hand writing!


jpkittie said…
oh no! that woudl have been cute if it didn't have the nuts!
The Witch said…
Maybe a secret admirer?
Sounds like you have a nice weekend all planned out. We are hosting games night so it should be a great time.
Jane said…
Good grief! I'm glad you realized it had hazelnuts in it before digging in!! Anybody got it in for you??

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