Working on New Years Eve.

I worked last night at my PT job, and we were busy up until 10:00, I'm talking table after table busy. People were happy and really good to wait on. My total take home in tips last night? $ 180.00. What a way to start the New Year, with cash in my pocket. Plus, the last time I worked, some one took a cash payment and stuck it in a bill fold and set it away, there was 25.00 in it. So I ended up coming home with 205.00 in my wallet!

Today I'm going to my mother for supper, and I've been invited to a house party this evening. I'll spend the bulk to today just hanging out, and looking over my finances getting my budget together.

I did find out last night that I didn't get the job, from another girl who applied too, ( she didn't get it either). Normally it would upset me, but now I'm good with it. My philosophy is there is something better out there.

New Years Eve was a no spend day, so that was another good way to end the year! I do need to get gas, and a couple of other things later on today, so I figure I'll spend around 70.00 on those things.

Which reminds me: gas prices are on the rise here, and they're predicting that by summer, gas could be as high as 1.50/litre. I'm going to increase my gas budget by 100/month to cover this and if it doesn't, I'll just tuck it away.


jpkittie said…
Definitely a great way to start the year off!!!! Hope you have an amazing day today!!!!
The Witch said…
What a fantastic way to start the New Year off. $205.00 richer. Have a great day with your family.
Where did you get the info on the rising gas prices? I'll have to budget more for gas and especially for a vacation which may involve driving. I'll be going over our budget today also.
its me, sam said…
Witch, I was listening to CBC radio on Thursday and that's where they were predicting it. It has to do with the high Canadian dollar and the failing economy in the US. Fingers crossed it's not a reality.
Jane said…
Michael worked last night too at a friend's restaurant and made about $160 in tips - just LOVE that extra $$. $205 is fantastic!! Oh, don't tell me about those gas prices - we'll be driving out to PEI this summer a couple of times and I just cut my gas budget down a little. I think I'll need to boost it back up and save the extra for summer.
Canadian Saver said…
Way to start the year off!

Great attitude about the job, that one wasn't meant to be but something better will come around :-)

Happy New Year!
Maureen said…
Fabulous starting off the year with extra money, surely thats an omen of things to come. I think we are going to have an awesome year.
Sharon said…
Now that's definitely better tip money! But I'm sure you worked for every penny!

Gas prices keep fluctuating here, at present they are between $3.05 a gallon and $3.17. It's getting harder to budget.

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