Winter blahs have set in

The winter blahs have hit this week... Not cool... I'm giving my self 1 more day of wallowing in self loathing and self defeating behaviour... and then day by day I'll do something to get me out out the house/ work place...

I was chatting with my sister on facebook tonight. We're going to go snowshoeing this week-end, as she's feeling the same way and we're both needing to be inspired! We'll take our parents and her little guy with us, they can go on the walking trail, and we'll attempt to snowshoe!

Yesterday I spent a twoonie on a lottery pool, today I spent nothing... I will admit that I was tempted but I resisted.

Why did I resist... My blood pressure took a jump this afternoon... i knew it was up when I got fuzzy headed... SO it's time to lose the weight I've put on back off, and make some other changes... I'll let you know what changes after I start the process.

I'll be spending money tomorrow and on Friday, as I used half a tank of gas already this week, and when I leave tomorrow I want a full tank of gas, plus on Friday I have an oil change scheduled. I won't need any groceries this week-end, and I may do something "fun" this week-end, so I'm have a little money for that. ( I have 13.00 in my wallet).


Maureen said…
Pay day for me tomorrow and today was another no spend day.

I suffer with low blood pressure, not low enough to be of concern, but I always know when it,s down as I get very light headed.
Jane said…
Yup gotta watch that blood pressure. We're here to support whatever changes you decide to make! You sound like you eat healthily though. I do too but I have a terrible "candy" weakness. And my class has a candy store so I have immediate access to soooo much candy. Today I ate a bagfull of winegums (one of my all-time faves)! I'm an emotional eater and was stressed-out by my DD today:( so hence the candy fix. Have to say it didn't make me feel any better though; especially when I wrote it down in my food journal.
The Witch said…
We all get the Winter Blues, and no wonder with how long our Winters can be. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Hopefully you are not getting this major storm or having to drive home in it.
its me, sam said…
Island witch, I left work early this afternoon after canceling a bunch of things to do one major task and we finished up early. I was very glad to be driving home in day light hours! Jane, thanks for your kind words! Maureen, I've got to be careful with my BP, as heart disease runs on my mom's side of the family and it usually starts with high blood pressure.
Enjoy your weekend plans.... I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister. Maybe the de-stressful weekend will help your blood pressure. :)

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