The top countries that my little blog has been read in for the past month!

Canada 1,308

United States 1,026

Netherlands 63

Australia 34

South Korea 32

United Kingdom 31

India 22

Germany 20

Russia 19

Finland 18

I really, really want to know who's reading my blog in these countries! I know who some of the Canada and American, one reader from India and one Australia reader are, but who else out there in cyber world is reading my blog! Please fill me in!


Jane said…
Pretty cool isn't it? I still don't have anyone from South America but have the other continents covered. If only everyone would leave a comment so we'd know who they were!
Jolie said…
Isn't it fun to read where your viewers come from?
Maureen said…
I seldom read my stats, but the last time I looked my main readers were from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and strangely enough Korea.

But I love my globe and get excited watching the names of countries and Suburbs who are visiting while I,m watching, great fun.
jpkittie said…
hwo cool is that?!?!? im just in the states... nothing exciting ;)

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