Today is pay day!

I got paid today, and thus I paid the phone, hydro,satelitte, DD's cell phone and 1/2 the water bill. I also transfered money to DD, and I'm waiting for the mortgage, oil and car payment to come out. Plus I withdrew the money for my rent.

I did spent 4.60 at the dollar store on dishwasher soap, and a sudoku book to take my mind off work during lunch.

I'll drive home, do laundry and go to work for a few hours. Then I'll have the week-end off and it's suppposed to storm on Saturday. I need to return my books to the library, so I should get that done when I get home too. I may go out this week-end too, on a "date", which seems so funny to write out. I think supper may be a safe bet, unless he think's McD's is good place to eat! LOL

Today should be another no spend day, I figure if I can have 2/week, I'll have over 100 by next New Years. Plus I need to pick up my pay from my PT job and bank it. It should be a smidge over 300.00, which tuck away for school. I'd like to pay for my first class is cash, 775.00. That seems like it could be a reality.


Sharon said…
Oh I LOVE paydays! It's when I load up my envelopes and feel rich again! :)!
Jane said…
I hope the storm doesn't get in the way of your DATE and if he does take you to McD's then at least he's frugal lol! Hope it goes well!
Canadian Saver said…
Can't wait to hear more about this date!!
Maureen said…
I love payday now but I used to hate it as it seemed I had worked all week and had nothing good to show for it.

Do you go Dutch on a first date ????

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