Thinking about food and money

Yesterday, I ended up going out for lunch again... and it wasn't that great, 10.00 spent again on so so food, because I wanted something hot, and my can of tuna was definitely not hot! Supper on the other hand was good. Chicken stir fry with lots of mushrooms and brown rice. I made a sauce out of peach jam, soy sauce, honey mustard and hot sauce. Strange combination but it tasted really good!

Last winter I barely ate out at all. I would make soup and freeze it, and bring enough to last me all week. So on Saturday morning, I'm planning on making soup again and freezing it. That way I'll have hot, cheap food for lunches! Plus, it will help me lose the 7 pounds I've gained in the past month!

I've also fallen back into the it's only "ten dollars" mentality... Uh, hello, Sam are you in there? Oh, there you are, with cobwebs strung about you, and your head buried once again in the sand. Reality check... You can't be spending money like this, you owe way too much! So it's back to tracking every cent, writing lists for groceries, meal plans, and debt repayment. I get paid today, and my goal is to have my MC paid off in full by the end of May. So I'll pay the minimum on my Visas and put the extra on my MC.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday, and I'm hoping that people in the Maritime don't get buried in snow tomorrow!


Jane said…
Oh no, is there yet another storm on its way? Yeah, it's amazing how quickly those $10 here and there can add up, and like you say, there's no need for it if you're prepared with soup. I haven't bought lunch in years so I'm imagining right now how much $$ that is. Once in a while is ok but it quickly becomes a bad habit if we're not careful. You've caught yourself early:)
Sharon said…
I always find that January leaves me feeling like I need a little something extra. Perhaps this is why you are spending extra too. No worries, though, you've caught yourself. Perhaps some soup making is in order? :)!

I'm having that craving of treating myself today....I better just stay put for a while, so I don't spend any money....
ND Chic'c Cents said…
Food is my weakness as well. Not just wanting to go out to eat, but also in the grocery store. I'm not good at scrimping on food. I'm trying to get better.

Soup doesn't always fill me up so maybe you could make buns or croissants to pop in the microwave to go along with your soup.
Maureen said…
It,s so easy to think of $10 as barely worth counting, but they do add up and quickly become hundreds spent on nothing.

I love soup and especially when it,s thick enough to stand the spoon in.

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