Sunday spends and a rough meal plan for next week.

I spent 61.00 for gas, 3.51 at Tim's for 2 coffees and 26.75 on tobacco. I threw 4.25 in my change jar and I have 10.00 to do the week.

I also made the Island Witches Pizza dough, one spinach and bruschetta pizza, apple crisp, and what was supposed to be a chicken pot pie with a potato crust, but ended up more like a baked soup and tasted really good. I now have lunches for the week ( pizza, soup and beef and broccoli, plus leftover chicken for a sandwich tomorrow). I froze 3 balls of pizza dough, and 2 little apple crisps. I also froze the chicken stock I made, and I'll be having homemade chicken soup next week. Oh, and I had some mozza and cheddar in the fridge that I shredded and froze to use on pizza and in casseroles.

For suppers this week I'll have chicken smother in the leftover bruschetta with potatoes, carrots, and spinach, stir fry with steak ( I'll freeze one portion). Then I should be home on Thursday and maybe I'll sneak supper at my moms.

Puppy is going to mom's tomorrow morning when I leave for work, as my mother has nicely hemmed my pants that I bought 18 months ago... I need to pick them up, so I might as well kill two birds with one stone. My bags are packed for tomorrow, and I rearranged my living room once again, as I needed my orange extension cord to plus my vehicle in, as it could get down to -40 with the windchill over night. I didn't know where the block heater was, so I found it this afternoon and ensured that I left it hanging out.

I bought the coffee and a just out of the oven apple crisp to a friend this afternoon, we had a good chat and a few laughs. I was getting shack wacky, stuck in the house too long, and it was way too cold to walk the dog for very long. He did get a 15 minute walk this morning, but it was too cold for this dog owner this afternoon. I did play with him outside, but for no more that 8 minutes at a time.

I chatted with DD this afternoon for a little bit and she's doing good. I had to laugh, as she made 80.00 this past week doing make-up applications. She's still deciding on what to do next year, but knows that she doesn't want to finish her degree program.

I hope every one stays out of the cold and fingers crossed we don't get dumped with snow on Thursday like they're predicting!


Sharon said…
Can you come to my house and do some cooking? :)!

I praying that warmer weather comes sooner rather than later. Luckily we do not have any snow, but it's C O L D!
Jane said…
Shack wacky? I've got to borrow that one:) That's the same amount I spent at Tim's this morning lol!
Looks like I'll be investing in a block heater when I move east. I had one when I lived in Calgary but haven't needed one here in southwestern ontario. Glad you found yours!
its me, sam said…
Sharon, if your little town is warmer than here, sure! I'll come and cook any time! Jane, shack wacky is one of my favorite terms of winter! You'll need a block heater in the winter especially if you don't have a garage!
Maureen said…
Working in the Kitchen is one way of keeping warm, plus you get all your meals for the week. So win win.....
jpkittie said…
$10 for the week - you can do it!!!

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