Spends on Sunday and Monday

Sunday- breakfast out with my parents 25.00 ( I paid, as they usually grab the bill). Food for DD - 19.99, tobacco 34.98, I also gave the girl who was bringing DD her treats 10.00, 5.65 at the dollar store on a card and two containers for DD, today I spent 13.00 on lunch, 7.89 on a jugs of deicer windshield washer fluid, 58.99 on gas and 3.00 on a scratch ticket.

Tomorrow morning I'll leave for work, and then I'll be back Thursday night! My bag is almost ready to go, and I'll be off to sleep soon enough. DD is on the mend, so that's a relief for me.

I get paid from both my ft and pt jobs this week! I need a few groceries, as I went to make cookies tonight and had no eggs. I made popcorn instead. Right now, I have no intentions to spend any money on Tuesday or Wednesday. I think I'll take something out of the freezer tomorrow morning and leave it in the fridge to cook on Thursday night when I get home. I also decided to toss a few things out of the fridge tonight... Rather scary things like milk that expired on New year's eve, and I forgot about it! Yikes!


Maureen said…
Those items which we forget about at the back of the fridge, cost us money so it,s like throwing cash into the trash ( oops that rhymes ) I have made a point of checking my fridge and freezer the day before I shop. so I don,t forget something lurking at the back.

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