slaying the dragon of addiction

For me, it's a challenge to slay the dragon of my addiction... I now have an image in my mind of a ostrich holding a sword standing in front of a dragon smoking a cigarette... Now imagine the ostrich swinging the sword ( which is the symbol of my 3.00 per day) and the dragon is my savings account, every cent the dragon puffs out in smoke is 3.00 less towards my goal. Now if I can draw the picture I'll be all set!

That's part of the comment I made to Makky's mom on how I'm going to save 3.00/ day for the next 1000 days!

Smoking has been my crutch, vice, best friend for many years. I've leaned on it when I've been happy, sad, angry, confused, you get the picture. But like many things, it gets old after a while. I'm tired of the smell attached to my clothes, the money being spent and finally the image it projects.

I'll be signing up for the smokers on line help, buying myself some nicotine gum and I've already bought some regular gum. I'll also be buying some plastic stir sticks to chew on too!

Like most smokers, I've tried to quit many times before. This time, I have an set goal, 3000.00 in 1000 days to do what I want with. ( Who knows maybe I'll go on a trip instead of buying the table and chairs). But I want that money in the bank! I even have a separate bank account to stash the money in, and I don;t normally bank there, so even better!

Yesterday was another no spend day and I made 55.00 last night ( I stopped taking tables around 7:30, and just ran food, tended bar and helped). I did get to leave early, which I hadn't planned on, but was very thankful as I felt drained! I'll be spending money today on gas, the dog wash, ink for my printer, gum and stir sticks. Plus DD needs a bit of cash too!


Sharon said…
Good for you! It'll reap more than financial benefits if you quit smoking, your health will improve dramatically! I'll be cheering you on the whole way!!
Canadian Saver said…
Good luck!!!

Have you ever considered the patch? That's how my dad stopped 5 years ago, and it worked very well for him. He was a very heavy smoker, so I say if it worked for him it would work for ANYONE!

Have a great week.
You can do it!!! It is so hard to break the cigarette addiction, but your motivation will definitely keep you going! I will be cheering you along the way too!
Jane said…
I'm rooting for you Sam! Are you going cold turkey?
its me, sam said…
either the patch or the gum or maybe both ( you can do that with one brand).
Maureen said…
Hubby and I both stopped smoking on the same day, we went cold turkey and to this day we have never had another cigarette.
It was easy for him he was lying strapped to machines after a massive heart attack aged 48, attributed to lifestyle of which smoking played a large part, maybe a little harder for me as I stopped to make it easier for him.
So before this happens to you I hope and pray that you will succeed xx
Lyn said…
I've been a smoker for 11 years now and my habit is so expensive. And it's growing! I wish you the best of luck!
The Witch said…
I know you can do it!! It must be very difficult because we have a challenge and learning session at work right now and the smokers are always saying how hard it is to quit.There is some type of laser treatment they are offering.
But the saving benefits can be huge and I think by putting the money in a separate account you will really see how quickly it can add up.

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