Shredding on a Saturday.

Saturday morning, the day after the storm was bright, sunny and cold! I shoveled out the back door, the plow can and did the drive way early ( thank goodness I'm up early), and I started to purge paper. One large black garbage bag later, I still have some things to shred, but I can see the end of the pile at least!

For lunch yesterday, I cooked ginger lemon beef and broccoli from the "milk" calendar and it turned out pretty good. I made rice noodles to go with it, and I froze one portion for lunch this week.

Work was busy last night... My sales were close to 1400.00, and I brought home 149.00 for my efforts. Nine dollar went into my change jar, and the rest will go to gas ( 60), rent( 105)and tobacco ( 27.00), with a bit leftover... ( I had 70.00 in my wallet).

The big news? They're calling for another storm to hit on Thursday possibly! We'll have to wait and see, but my poor yard it almost buried now! I'll have to post a picture of my snow hill, it's over 7 feet high now!


Sharon said…
Is waitressing a side job for you? It sounds like you work very hard for your tips!
Lunch sounds delicious...glad the weather got better!
Jolie said…
wow you are just getting one storm after another out there.
its me, sam said…
Sharon, I work 1 night a week as a waitress/supervisor. I've been doing it for almost 5 years now, and I've found a happy balance with it. I love it, and the extra money is a bonus. Jolie, it seems like we're getting big storms, where it's dumping between 20-30cms in less than 24 hours. Wait 'til you see the hill! LOL. It's not as bad as it was 2 years ago, but we still have about 9 weeks of winter like weather yet to come!
Maureen said…
Can,t wait to see your snowhill.

I love the sound of The Ginger Lemon Beef, care to share the recipe ???

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