Lazy Sunday...

Sunday was a nice, lazy day. I did piddly things around the house, went out to breakfast with my parents ( they paid so no money spent for me).

I took the dog out for a walk/snowshoeing. I only managed to walk through the field with my snowshoes on, as the dog was pulling me! It was actually more like skiing, but didn't fall flat on my face! I'll try again with him, but next time I'll use his chock chain, so he'll know when to stop, instead of his harness. I suspect that it will only take one or two trip out like that and he'll not pull. We did have a great walk, and I carried my snowshoes over my shoulder.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading on the couch and chatting with my older sister on the phone. It was absolutely wonderful.

The only down side was that the "date" guy called to chat last night. I didn't stay on the phone too long, if he calls again I'll have to say "not interested", and pray that he get's the hint.

Sunday was a no spend day, this morning I spent 59.02 on gas, and I brought enough grcoeries from home to last the week. Let's see if I can have 3 no spend days this week. I'll be going for a walk after work tonight, and I brought my yarn and crochet book with me this week, so I can get some more practice in. I think I may tackle making some granny squares or a baby blanket for my first project.


Jane said…
The "date guy"! Obviously YOU made a good impression - too bad he didn't! Oh well. Aren't Sundays wonderful - I think they are the nicest day of the week:)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great Sunday...I need to do that.
JPKittie said…
wooo hooo no spend! Lovely Sunday! :)
The Witch said…
What type of snow shoes do you have?
I've thinking of buying some, and I'm totally confused by the styles and especially the price of some.
Your Sunday sounded relaxing, and hopefully date guy won't phone again. Though I bet he will!

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