It was a rough drive this morning!

Driving to work this morning was rough, 4 wheel drive the entire way kind of rough. Ice packed roads, blowing snow and reduced visibility in some places. YUCK. Thank goodness this doesn't happen very often. It feels good to be getting back into some type of routine.

I did spent 22.44 on groceries today ( bread, cream, a frozen meal, eggs, bits & bites, frozen veggies). Yesterday I spent 46.00 on groceries for home. I also spent 46.00 in gas. I also paid my landlady 60.00 for the rent this week. I also spent 4.50 on windshield washer fluid on my drive today.

Tomorrow should be a no spend day, as I need nothing and I have food for lunch and supper, Thursday is pay day, so I'll pay the bills and send DD some money.

I'm currently flipping between "Pillars of the Earth and the Biggest Loser". I may have to watch "Pillars of the earth" on line, as I love "TBL"


Canadian Saver said…
Was that highway driving? It's funny but I chose to go the "scenic route" this morning, took maybe 5 extra minutes but wasn't bad. No blowing snow, thankfully.

I know there will be drives like the one you described ahead, January, February and March can be brutal. And I don't have a 4 wheel drive, ick!!!

The week's already almost half over, yay!
Jolie said…
BTL never fails to be a huge reality check for me.
Maureen said…
I,m a huge Jillian and Bob fan, can,t get enough of them.

hope you managed to sneak in a no spend day.
its me, sam said…
CS, it was the highway, go figure!
Jane said…
Take it easy out there, snowing and blowing here too. Funny - I watched X-weighted last night - what is it about these shows we enjoy so much - seeing people who are way bigger than us so we feel better??
Sharon said…
Be careful out there on the roads...hopefully the people in your neck of the woods drive better in inclement weather. People here drive crazy!

I like Biggest Loser too, but we tape it because there are way too many commercials!

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