I was courageous.

I can actually say that I went on a "Date" in 2011. It was fun being out in the woods 4 wheeling, and the guy was nice enough, but he likes to drink a lot. Not my cup of tea. ( I do like to have a few drinks now and again, but not every week-end and partying like I'm 19 again.) It was nice to meet new people, so I'm thankful for that.

I did manage to buy groceries - 36.00, tobacco 26.50, scratch ticket 2.00, card game 2.00, shipping skates via the bus to DD - 5.81 ( the other mother gave me 10.00), bathroom heater 38.81. I didn't get gas, so I need to do that this morning. I'll be joining my parents for breakfast at a local restaurant this morning, so that will be about 10.00. The only other money I can see myself needing is 10.00 for the exercise class I like to go to. I'll bring all my groceries up with me this week and I'll eat well. I made a pot of beef barley soup yesterday, so I'll have that every day for lunch. Suppers will be stir fry's, rice, chicken and potatoes. Nothing fancy.

I had a good chat with DD last night. She's settling in well, and is looking at at different schools ( colleges) to attend to in her "new city". She may go to her Dad's for the summer, but she is looking at going back to her new city in the fall. Who knows what shell do for sure, but she is creative by nature and those are the fields she's looking at now.


JPKittie said…
Good for you!!! And I am so glad that you aren't 'settling' for someone! I am very proud of you that you know that you dont' want a drinker!!!
Canadian Saver said…
Wow you certainly were courageous right at the start of 2011!!

I wouldn't like the weekend drinking either, at least not every weekend. I see some of my relatives who drink heavily every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, these are 45+ year olds, and really the term weekend alcoholics would apply.

At least you had fun and met new people :-) This might lead to more dates!!
Jane said…
You have a lot going on. Re the "date" - good for you for being open to new experiences. I was on my own for 7 years before meeting Michael AND I wasn't looking for anyone, I was perfectly happy on my own. It just happened. STAY away from drinkers for SURE! Drinking and 4wheeling don't mix. But hey, you gave him a shot and that's what it's all about.
The Witch said…
Your first date of 2011! Glad you found out early about his drinking. But all is never lost because you had the courage to go on the date and this will make next time even easier. Meeting new friends is always a bonus because that in itself can be a challenge.
Looks like Monday may be another stormy one so drive safely.
Maureen said…
I would be a bit suspiscious of a Guy who drank heavily on a first date, so good for you for picking his bad habit up early, but how brave of you to go in the first place so kudos to you.

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