How much snow?

That's my boy hanging out beside the mountain! You can just see the roof of my shed, and it's taken from the back door.

You should see him now! I took him snowshoeing and he's played out. 1.5 hours of walking and breaking trail equals one tired boy!


Sharon said…
Wow, now that's a lot of snow!!!
ND Chic'c Cents said…
Very cute! I like snow but its been a rough winter for us with all the snow we've had.
Maureen said…
Now thats what you call snow LoL

Cute Dog
The Witch said…
Great picture. That's all we need is more snow coming on Wed or Thursday.
You are welcome to the rock pictures off my blog site. I didn't realize that you painted. They would make a nice painting. Hope you share with us if you get a chance to paint them.

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