Answering a few questions

Maureen- I plugged my vehicle in to keep the engine from freezing! It was -38 with the windchill and my car is out in the open, no garage for this home owner ( yet!).

Island Witch - your pizza dough recipe was amazing as always! Check out her Jan 27, 2010 post for the recipe.

Makky's Mom- My no spend days serve two purposes- the first is to ensure that I have a list of errands and designated spots to go in one day. I do this so I'm better organized, and I'm hitting all the places I need to be and get the things I need! For example, if I'm running low on something, I mark it on a list and when I'm out running errands I get what I need. Sometimes I forget the list behind however! One of the best things I've started doing was buying books of stamps, when I get down to my last one, I mark it on my list.

Secondly, it keeps me from wasting money on things like lotto tickets, chips, etc that I would be tempted to buy if I was spending money every day. It's forcing me to think ahead, and plan accordingly. There are days when I'm thinking I'd love to have chips or pop, but I'll stop and think? Do I really want to spend the money on this? Why am I looking to spend the money on this? ( Sometimes I'm looking to spend money because I'm sad, mad, glad, etc other wise known as "emotional spending").

Sharon and Jane, I've rediscovered my love for cooking in the past year or so. I no longer treat it as a chore but rather as an experience. Part of the reason why I cook " real food" or "slow food", is because of my blood pressure. Last winter my BP was 143/98... way too high for a woman of 40. That was a real scare for me! I've slide a bit in the past month, but I'm slowly getting back on track! Oh, and I love the idea of eating "real food"... Yet I still smoke? Anyone want to analyze this one!

I hope that this helps!


Jane said…
No analysis from me! I count my calories all day then have a glass of wine when I get home. Hey, it's good for my health, so I've read!:)
When I lived in Calgary for awhile the bank where I worked had plugins for block heaters in the parking lot. So did most places. Very convenient and no worries about being stuck at work with a dead car:(
Sharon said…
I can't even imagine having the weather be that cold! It was a balmy 37 degrees here today.
Maureen said…
Thanks for that, as you can gather it,s not necessary here in Oz. But in Scotland where we had some really cold winters and most of us had no Garages I had never heard of it at all. I,m just plain nosey I suppose.

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