Another storm!

It's storming here again! I'm thankful that I bought groceries and got to the library this morning!

I spent 53.77 for groceries, and that included toilet paper, laundry soap and brownies... I also bought a small chicken, and roasted it tonight, with lemon, garlic, onions and lots of pepper. I'm now boiling the bones for my soup this week. The brownies are PC brand u-bake and were 1.50... They're in the oven now, and will hit the spot with a cup of tea in an hour or so.

I also spent 50.00 on my haircut this afternoon and I feel much lighter. My day has been very relaxed, and just what I was looking for. I'm very thankful I didn't have to drive home today. Now, I'm off to boil the kettle to make the tea! Happy Friday Everyone!


Jane said…
Aren't you the fortunate one to be safely ensconced at home with tea and brownies and toilet paper (all the essentials lol) while it storms outside! Nothing like being inside all warm and cozy while the forces of nature wreak havoc outside:) Enjoy!
Canadian Saver said…
Lucky you for being home!!

Tonight was the worst drive I've ever taken... and now, at 7:30, it's all over!!

Herbal tea and a good book for me tonight I think!
Maureen said…
It,s been thunder storms for us this week so far we have had three, and on top of our floods we definitely dont need more rain.

So glad your warm cosy and safe
Sharon said…
Wow, everyone is talking about storms! Glad you are home and making some wonderful food! I wish I could smell that delicious chicken, followed by the brownies! Yum!

I'm off to make some tea now myself. Although we don't have storms, it's might chilly here!

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