Another no spend day under my belt!

I had another no spend today. That makes a total of nine for the month. I'm on track for my own goal of 100 no spend days for the year. I count no spend days as those where no cash passes from my hand. I don't count automated payments in my no spend days, as I have the money for these put aside. It's not the same as others but it works for me!

Supper tonight is going to be a mock pot roast. I had cheap steak, so I sliced it and browned it, then cooked onions, celery, garlic and mushrooms and threw that into the pot. I added some onion soup mix, beef broth, potatoes and carrots and I'm baking it in the oven as I type this. I'll have enough to eat for a couple of meals, and I figure that it cost me about 8.00 total to make. It smells amazing in here.

The drive to work was cold! I used an average of 13.6 litres/100 kms today. Not good mileage ( I usually get about 11 litres/100 kms). It is very cold, so I'll plug the car in tomorrow morning for about 2 hours. I had it plugged in all night at my house, so I'm sure I'll see the increase on my power bill.

Oh and I drove the dog to my mom's this morning. Poor boy, he wanted to come with me, and we had to "fool" him do I could make a getaway. I hope he has a good week!

I'm glad to see Monday is coming to a close, as I found today to be a bit irritating at work. People not keeping up their part, and I knew it...


Sharon said…
You keep making my mouth drool with your delicious meals! Having a dog is like having another kid around...they just want to be with you! It's nice that your mom will watch him.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you're doing well with your no spend days. Hope your weather warms up soon.
Canadian Saver said…
I should not say this as I'll jinx myself, but I've never plugged in my cars. I do let it warm up quite a bit in the morning, since Saturday at least.

I can't believe it's supposed to get up to +5C Thursday!!
Anonymous said…
Great job with the no spends! That's a biggie that i'm working on and i'm actually getting MUCH better with them! But it is hard to get there I think!
Good job on your no spend day! And I know just what you mean about the people at work.... seriously.
Maureen said…
Sounds like your workmates had Mondayitis.
I have never heard of anyone plugging their car in, does this stop the engine from freezing ???
Jane said…
You are quite a cook - I ate crackers and hummus for supper last night lol!! I am having similar issues at work. Some of my staff give 150% and some of them give maybe 50% and it causes some grumbling let me tell you!!
Today it is 0c but I bundled up like it was still -17c. I foresee a few extra hot flashes today!
Makky's Mom said…
I'm not doing the "no spend days" because I feel that WHEN I NEED to buy something I simply need it. How does it help if I NEED a bottle of ibuprofen today but don't buy it till tomorrow?

Or do the "no spend days" just reign in impulse purchases?

I guess I already spend as little as is reasonbly possible and rarely succumb to impulse buys, and only go to the stores with a list BECAUSE I have a need.

Would you explain more about your no spend days and why you do it and how it benefits your overall budget? I'm really curious because I just don't see it making any difference in my budget, but would certainly serve to frustrate me to no end! Thanks a bunch! :)
The Witch said…
Sounds like you are cooking up a storm maybe to keep WARM!!
-31 with the windchill factor.
I've never plugged my car in but hubby did with the old truck and it did start easier having the oil slightly warmer on start up.
I hope you liked the pizza dough you made on Sunday. I'm thinking of making pizza's this weekend now.
Great on your no spend days I'm up to 12 and just loving it.

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