2 no spend days in a row

I manage not to spend a dime out of my pocket on Friday or Saturday. I will be spending money tomorrow however, as DD has the flu, and I have a friend who's going to the city where DD is and is willing to drop off a care package. I figure that I'll spend 30.00 on some things for her, like Gravol, Advil, ginger ale and juice. DD is not allowed to consume any dairy products for the next 2 weeks, so I can't send her cheese, yogurt, etc. She actually saw a Dr. yesterday and she officially has the flu, for the first time in 14 years. I wish she was closer right now, but sending a care package will have to do!

I made 125.00 tonight at work. 60 will go towards gas and 30.00 for tobacco, the rest I'll spend on DD. Tomorrow will be devoted to cleaning the spare room to turn it into my "office", complete with a vintage kitchen table from 1958 as my desk, a wooden chair, a bakers rack to hold books, etc. The added bonus for tomorrow is my mother is making cabbage rolls for supper, so no cooking for me tomorrow night! I do plan on making bread tomorrow too, and I may make some pizza dough to freeze. I think I'll make DD some cookies and send them in her box.


Sharon said…
Oh how I need a good week of NoSpends!!! Sorry to hear about your daughter...hopefully she'll feel better soon!
Jane said…
Today will be a No Spend thankfully. Yesterday I went to the annual Food and Wine show and while i got in for free (thanks Michael) I spent $20 to sample some unusual and original cuisine items (tried ostrich!) Also spent some $$ on Michael's birthday gifts. Have fun setting up your "home office" and congrats again:)

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