Week-end recap!

Friday expenses- gas 120.00, supper 55.00
Saturday - groceries -75.00, dog food - 48.00 ) enough for both houses for about 6 weeks, 50.00 gift cards for Christmas gifts ( I'm officially done with buying gifts now!) tobacco- 17.50
Sunday- no spend

Fun things from this past week:
Thursday- having my landlady buy me a hot chocolate, she's so sweet!
Friday- seeing a shooting star on the drive home!
Saturday- our annual gingerbread house day with my cousin and her girls... Lots of laughs
Sunday- a family dinner with my Dad's side of the family- we had a great time...

My nephew also had a successful sleep over Saturday night! My sister was happy as she got to sleep in yesterday, and my nephew? Well, I think he was shocked when he woke up at 6:00 am and realized that he did sleep all night at my house. We had fun hanging out, and the dog loved it!


Congratulations on finishing up your Christmas Shopping!! I have done little in that department.
Maureen said…
Sounds like a great weekend, plus the shoppings over what a bonus. Next year I,m starting in July
jpkittie said…
sounds like so much fun!!!

good job on getting done with the shopping! life is definately more enjoyable when the to dos are done!
Jane said…
Lots of good experiences you've been having - all part of a great holiday season! I like that the emphasis is on togetherness with family and friends, instead of things. (I am envying you for being done with your shopping!!)

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