The weather outside is frightful and not delightful!

The weather here is terrible. High winds, roads closed, some are flooded and covered in debris, homes are flooding. It's scary... Places that haven't been flooded in 60- 70 years are flooded, and it's so strange that the floods are happening in December. We usually only get flooding when the ice thaws in the spring. There will be many homes that will be unlivable, as they cannot get dried out. I've got my fingers crossed that all of my fellow bloggers in Atlantic Canada stay safe! Also there are lots of people trying to cross the ferry from Cape Breton to Newfoundland, and many will not be getting home for Christmas, as the ferries are grounded until I think Thursday.

DD and I went to my Aunts home last night for a family gathering. Lots of good food and lots of laughs. When my Mom's family gets together, they'll always tell stories from when they were kids. My mom tells the story of how she developed her fear of mice and kittens last night. I don't think DD ever heard the story before.

My aunts home is a show piece. Stunning is the best word. She could make a living from decorating houses. I will say her furniture is very comfy however. Plus she had 2 big trees decorated and 4 small ones... Lots of fun to look at.

My Shredded wheat bread was a hit! I'm bringing a loaf to my great-aunt this afternoon ( she's 97, the last connection to her generation), as her daughters were at the party and both said" mommy would love this". ( It's cute to hear two women in their seventies call their mother "Mommy"). DD has a close bond with her great-great aunt, so it's a good excuse to drop off the bread and have a little visit. I'm sure too, that there will be some tea and cookies involved too!

Today will be another no spend day, as I still have plenty of things to bake with, and I still have power. This morning will be bread making and trying to make caramel corn again, this afternoon will be for visiting friends and family.


jpkittie said…
sounds like you are having an amazing start to your holidays... glad that you aren't having an issue with flooding!

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