We had what my daughter thought was one of the best yet

Christmas Eve was very relaxed this year. I normally have a ton of family in Christmas Eve, but this year I decided that I just wanted a quiet evening, with my immediate family and close friends stopping by.

We had a few treats, wings, mozza sticks, homemade meat pie, veggies, bread and dip and some fresh fruit to snack on. The grown-ups had pomegranate martinis or red wine, while the seniors and little ones frank chocolate milk or ginger ale. Everyone was home by 10:00, so the presents and stocking stuffers were placed under the tree or in the stockings, and we were in bed by 11:00.

Christmas morning saw me up at 5:00, as DD was up complaining of not feeling good, so she woke me up to tell me, then she fell back asleep. I was up for the day... I decided to do some laundry around 6:00, and fell down the back stairs, after tripping over the legs of my Pj's, I bruised my hip, laughed and carried on.

DD woke up at 9:00, in great spirits, and opened her gifts. She received a box of goodies from Lush, Beauty and the Beast DVD, body butter, mixing bowls, Pj's slippers, Steven Kings new book, plus lots of chocolate, 2 mini bottles of SpaRitiuals nail polish ( it's vegan), and tweezers, plus a bar of homemade coconut soap that's made by a local company. ( these things were from me).

She also received texting mittens ( 1/2 thumbs), a snood, wool socks and eye shadow from my parents ( my mom knit everything), pj's and jeans from my sister, a ring from my brother and his family that say's " follow your dreams", a gift card from my other sister, cash from her other grandmother, and a gift card for a restaurant from my uncle and his wife ( I call him my brother and his little girl my niece, but she's actually my first cousin)

DD bought me new slippers, Room by Emma Donahue ( which I'm reading now), plus I received Love Spell products from my family too.

we had brunch at my sisters, watched my nephew play with his toys, went to my parents to see them open their gifts ( my sister and I bought them new knives, plus 2 tickets to see Stuart McLean in March.

I walked the dog, hung the bed sheets on the clothes line, and DD and I got ready to go and visit a few people. We stopped first to see my god-daughter and her family. When we arrived, we were treated to a feed of mussels, with bread and dip, and then we got to see the gifts that the kids received. My friends don't go overboard buying their girls things, which is nice to see. The girls loved their Jammies and books.

We then stopped in to see DD's other grandmother and her new beau. DD liked her grandmothers new beau, and then we were off to my mothers for turkey dinner. We were home by 7:00 and I took the sheets off the line ( the wind was strong so the sheets actually dried), put my PJ's on and read.

DD's dad called, and she chatted with him and her Uncle on the phone, then she went to stay the night with friends.

Before she left, she thanked me for a great day... I'm very grateful to have a DD who was thankful for all she received. It was a simple, relaxed Christmas, and one that will live on in our memories for a very long time!


Jolie said…
I saw those texting mittens when I was at a conference in Edmonton. They were quite neat and I couldn't help but thinking "I'm getting old. Now I've seen everything' lol
The Witch said…
You had a real busy fun-filled day.
So glad that your DD told you how she felt. I'm sure it made your day.
I've never seen or heard of texting mittens, I'll have to check this out so I know what everyone is talking about.
Maureen said…
Sounds like a dream Christmas and DD obviously thought so too, she is a sweetie to tell you.

Off to Google the texting mittens !!!!!
Sharon said…
What a wonderful day! Your daughter received a lot of wonderful things! I got slippers too! Love them! So happy it all turned out so well!
Canadian Saver said…
I think most everyone appreciates toned down gatherings, at least from the observations I've made. And that means a less stressed host too! Glad you had such a great Christmas :-)
Jane said…
Loved all the details of your post - you had such a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am going to have to check out texting mittems also - I am sure my DD would appreciate those! I'm glad the wind was strong enough to dry your sheets but not strong enough to blow them away. I'm still looking at photos of all the storm damage.
Grateful daughters are such a gift, aren't they?? Just a few words of appreciation and I'm good to go for another year:)
Keep warm, keep safe and watch out for the stairs!!

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