Today is going to be errand day...

I'm officially off for one week. I'm not even working at the restaurant this week. So today is the day to run errands. DD needs to open an account at a bank that her father deals with, so he can send her money this winter. That will be stop number 1. I also need a few groceries, a trip to NBL, drop the recyclables off, pick up my pay at the restaurant and take DD to the clinic tonight, as she sounds terrible and my mom thinks she has bronchitis or pneumonia.

WE're also going to stop at Frenchies for a look and maybe have lunch somewhere. It depends if DD is ready on time.

I'll also walk the dog, as that didn't get done yesterday, I was played out when I got home last night ( I was in bed asleep by 9:30).

I did end up making another 90.00 yesterday, so I'm please with that. I have money for gas and other items that I'll need for this week, plus I get paid today and Thursday.

5 more sleeps until the big day!

First Christmas miracle! DD got an appointment to see her own Dr. this afternoon! Yahoo!

Another update:
DD has a sinus infection... 7 days of antibiotics -5.00
my trip to NBLC- 67.77, for a quart of lemon vodka, quart of bailey's and a bottle of red wine.
Gas- 60.50
tobacco- 26.25


jpkittie said…
Happy Errand Day!!! I will be doing the same thing today :)
Jane said…
We had an app't day today too - regular doctor then eye doctor. Now that I have $400 of eyeglass coverage I am going to get a pair of prescription eyeglasses - FINALLY!
Lots of running around to do this week - I'm on holidays too so it's not stressful at all. Just going to relax and go with the flow.
The Witch said…
Glad DD only has a sinus infection. She won't be contagious and can still enjoy everyone's company.
Sounds like you are ready to have a party.
I'm ready also just have to buy some pom juice.
We our having company the 27th so I'm making those martini's for everyone. Hope they don't like them too much.
4 more sleeps!!!

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