So of it turned out, and some didn't...

My shredded wheat bread.... fantastic
My caramel corn- so so - it;s more like caramel fudge corn ( it does taste good)
My sea salt caramels- first batch- the thermometer broke from the heat... gone to the garbage, second batch- it's not quite set enough yet... but it tastes really, really good!

I've spent no money today, I have a pot of chicken soup on the stove, and DD and I are going to a family gathering on my mother's side tonight... I foresee a very full belly later on!

Oh, and the weather! Brutal, I'm sure the winds are up to about 90kms/hour and the rain... All I can say is I'm glad this is not snow or we wouldn't be going anywhere except to shovel.


Jane said…
Are you trying out some new recipes? My DD and I will be baking tomorrow - tried and true recipes only. I spent a ton of $$ at Bulk Barn today but have enough supplies to bake through Jan. & FEb. I loooove winter with the smell of something baking in the oven:)
its me, sam said…
Jane, the sea salt caramels were a new recipe, as was the caramel corn ( my mom used to make the caramel corn). DD is going to make white bread tomorrow, and I'm going to try to make another batch of caramel corn, and another batch of shredded wheat bread.
Sharon said…
Sea salt caramels sound decadent! I bet they tasted delicious!
The sea salt caramels sound delicious! I will be making red velvet cookies tomorrow night.
Canadian Saver said…
Shredded wheat bread is intriguing!!

Good luck tomorrow! I bet I'd love the sea salt caramels, yum.

Our weather is AWFUL. so much water and junk on the roads. My house is safe, but work might be under water tomorrow! I lost power the last 15 minutes and don't even know when it will be restored. It's better than having to shovel it, but this wind is scary (kept me up last night and it's worse tonight!)
Maureen said…
You girls make me feel so lazy and unskilled. I intend to bake nothing and if I did it would taste awful.

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