So I'm working again today

I worked last night until close, and came home with 70.00 in tips ( which I'm thrilled about, considering that my sales were about 500), plus my godparents were in for supper and they handed me a twenty dollar bill to buy something to have a tipple with over the holidays with! Citron Vodka anyone?

I did laundry and even hung a few loads on the line ( bed linens, and they were semi frozen, so I tossed them in the dryer to finish them off).

I also walked the dog, but he didn't go for a swim today, I think it's finally too cold for him to be playing in the water! I also got a trip to the library in and a visit with my god daughter to drop their gifts off. She wanted to open her gift right away, but I told she could open it Christmas eve before she had her bath. ( i bought them new PJ's and each a Christmas themed book). I'll be known as the PJ's and book auntie with the little girls and that's fine with me!

I think it may be quite busy today, so I'm having a huge bowl of oatmeal with blackberries, and I'll be bringing some yogurt and clementines to snack on, as there may not be time for a meal today.

DD stayed at a friends house last night, so the house is very quiet this morning. I'm off to finish my breakfast, then I'll brave the cold and take the dog on a quick 1/2 walk, then I'll be getting ready for work!

Six more sleeps until the big day!


Canadian Saver said…
I think pjs and a book is a great gift! Our local Subway had a promo to buy a pair of pjs for a kid in need, receive a 6 inch sub, we bought 4 pairs.

It will be a busy day everywhere today, lots of last minute things. Hope you get lots of tips!!!
Jolie said…
Love that you're using your line even in the bitter weather!!

Am glad tips went better last night.

I've never tried Citron Vodka.
Sharon said…
I love the sound of oatmeal with blackberries! Yum! I bet it was filling too!

Jammies are an awesome gift...I'm hoping for some this year! :)!
Maureen said…
No matter what I buy for my Grandchildren, I always include a book, with the year and the recipients name written on the fly leaf. These books may not be appreciated on the day, but my Granddaughter has hers lined up according to the year in her bookshelf.

Better tips this time round, are tips taxable ????

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