Reflecting on the past year...

This past year has been one of change, and all of it for the better. I've learned a lot about myself this past year, so if what I learned about myself wasn't so pretty at first, but when I looked hard at the issues it promoted change.

I've learned that I can crochet ( but not very well yet), I make fabulous bread ( very light and fluffy), I can take control of my house and I can fix almost anything.

I've discovered that there is more to life than just being a mother ( but I still haven't gone on a date yet.) I rediscovered my love for looking and feeling good about myself. I started wearing make-up again and beautiful clothes ( that I don't send a ton of money on) and that when I eat well, I lose weight. ( I'm hovering around the 25-30 lbs mark for the year). I've learned to love to cook again, and how fun it is to have friends over for supper for a simple meal.

I've seen friends lose their parents, siblings and realized how lucky I am to still have my parents around.

I've taken on the philosophy that Sunday is a day of rest, and on most Sunday's I relax, take long walks, read and enjoy the day.

I've also learned to live with in my means, and that I can pay off debt, however slow, but it gets paid!

I will say that 2010 has been a really good year, one full of lessons that I actually "got" and put into practice.

I can also say that I may have spent more on Christmas than I planned for, there is nothing too crazy for under the tree. We really focus on the little things this year, and not just the "stuff" that people say you should have for Christmas.

I'm almost sad to say good bye to 2010, as it was a very good year, but I'm thinking that 2011 with be as good , if not better!


Jane said…
You have learned many real life lessons in 2010 - and put what you've learned into effect! I would call that a very successful year. It's very satisfying on a deep level when you can look back over a year and reflect on the ups and downs. So glad your year had mostly "UPS"!
Is it still raining?
Sharon said…
What a wonderful tribute to 2010. It sounds like you really did have a wonderful year! I like how you listed all of the's important for us to remember all of the positive things in our lives! I may have to create a list myself....

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!
jpkittie said…
I love this post!!!! What a great post to say positive things about yourself! You should be very proud of all you accomplished in 2010. Cheers to 2011!
Maureen said…
It doesent come naturally to us to compliment ourselves, but you have managed it without sounding full of your own importance. You have had a great year and 2011 is going to be even better.
Hi there, I've been following you for awhile, and there are definitely some things we have in common (single-hood right now, parents of teenagers, although mine is a son, trying to simplify, make sense of the day to day, and minimize debt). I just wanted to say "Merry Xmas, and a Happy New Year" to you and yours. You're a bit of an inspiration to me, and I appreciate reading your blog, very much. Please keep it coming!!!

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