My word for 2011?

Courage in 2011.

No matter what happens, face all things with courage, and do my best.

What will 2011 bring for me? Work, as always, with the uncertainty of my current contract expiring in late June, but the security in knowing that my FT job is waiting for me.

It looks like DD will be moving to the west coast in May to stay for a while. She'll live with her dad and she may transfer to a school out there.

I start back to school in February, which scares me, but excites me at the same time.

Going on a blind date will take courage too, and I'll let people how it goes after it occurs.


Jane said…
Looks like some big changes in store for you in 2011. I didn't know that your DD might move away in May - I am glad that you will have school (and work) to keep you busy during the transition period. Courage is a good word for 2011 - facing whatever comes along with courage - like a blind date! That would certainly take courage!
The Witch said…
Some big changes are really going to be happening in your life.
Surprised at DD going out West in May. Hope you are ok with this? I'm sure it will be hard on you not seeing her but I guess everyone moves on. The blind date will be nice for you and just be yourself.
Of course we all want the juicy details.(just kidding)
You have always had great courage in everything you have had to deal with this year.
Wishing you all the best in the New Year. 2011 is going to be the best ever, I just have a feeling.
jpkittie said…
Courage for 2011! That is fantastic! You will do fantastically this new year! just keep your chin up & you will be just fine :)
Maureen said…
I love your buzz word for 2011.
And I wish you success with all you wish for yourself.


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