The morning after...

Last night I got together with 2 of my oldest friends, we've been friends since September 1975, when we started grade 1 together. We sat at the kitchen table and laughed our faces off over things we've done in the past together and things we've done separately over the past 36 years. It was well worth the price of a little hangover, hanging out with old friends. We haven't made hanging out a priority for a few years, as we've been busy with raising our families, but we've come to realize that we need to maintain our friend ship. We are going to start running together in April, one friend already runs on a regular basis, so she's going to help us become runners.

DD has gone back to school, she'll be staying with friends and will be back to school on Wednesday. The house is very quiet and I'll miss her.

I'm off to gas up the vehicle and driving to the airport, where I'll pick up my cousins kids and bring them back home. I'm bringing my budget binder with me, and I'll work on it while I'm waiting at the airport.

Tomorrow night I'm working, then I'll be off the first, work the second and back to work on the 4th. I can't believe how fast these 3 weeks have gone by. Bring on 2011, as I have a feeling it will be another stellar year!


The Witch said…
Glad you had a good time with old friends.
I'm sure you did have lots of laughs and a little headache is a small price to pay.
Hope you make some great tips over these last few days of 2010.
Jolie said…
( I will try to type quietly so as not to hurt your head :P)
that is wonderful that you all took the time to rekindle. Shows how enduring friendships can be.

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