A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Sunday was my dad's 75 birthday. It was a low key celebration and he was happy, as we all bought him some scratch tickets. My sister and I also bought all the stocking stuffers at Shopper's, we each spent 20.00 and also bought food items to boot. ( I bought stuff for Chili and corn chowder).

Sunday also brought an anxiety filled conversation with DD. The anxiety was all hers, and since end of the semester is filled with anxiety, I let her rant and rave. Oh and she has a mouse in her room. I betting the room is a pig-stye and I suspect I'll be having to do some cleaning before she leaves.

I ended up making 120.00 on Saturday, and spent 45 on gas, 5.00 on lotto tickets for Dad, 19 on tobacco, 5.00 on coffee, 17.00 food ( Chinese), 20.00 at Shopper's, and I still have money in my wallet.

Now for the fun things for December - Sunday would be a toss up between my dad's birthday supper, where we had a great conversation about what Christmas is really about ( the memories we make, not the things under the tree, but it is nice to get a few things) or the walk with the dog, where the sun shone, then it hailed, then the sun shone again.

Monday was seeing the storm surge... WOW... it did a ton of damage around but was something to see!

Today - I gave myself a gift... Having almost everything ready for the new year... I'm way ahead of the game work wise. Oh and I made my land lady an egg salad sandwich for supper... Nothing fancy but one that is appreciated!

I'm getting excited for Friday, that's the day for the interview and the day I go to pick DD up from University... Not looking forward to the drive but I'm excited to be seeing her!

Tonight I plan on watching the Muppets... I love the Muppets and was excited to see that "letters to Santa" is on TV tonight.


Canadian Saver said…
Wow Christmas break already!

I turned it to the Muppets... very cute :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week, sounds busy but as I often say, a good kind of busy :-)
Sharon said…
We're muppet fans too! It sounds like you are really enjoying December! (And it's only the 7th!) I have a daughter "ranting" about end of semester finals too...luckily Christmas happens AFTER finals. :)!
jpkittie said…
chinese is worth the $17 ;)
Jane said…
Will you have to give up your part-time job if you get the new job?? It is such a great source of "extra money" for so many other things. Is your daughter in a dorm room or sharing an apartment? Mice are no fun - I've had MANY in my classroom, none so far this school year yet but it's early days.
its me, sam said…
I feel asleep watching the Muppets, so i missed the end. The Chinese was good, and I had leftovers the next day. Jane, I won't leave my PT job, unless they make it a condition of my employment, if they think it could interfere with my FT job... My old boss was great about me working 2 jobs, and was very supportive. DD lives in an old dorm...

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