It's another wild night in the Maritimes

The snow is heavy, the winds are wild, and for my little family, it's been a day of rest and relaxing, mixed in with a little bit of shoveling.

Tomorrow I'll have the driveway plowed, and Dd and I will go out for supper with her other grandmother and she'll pick up a few things before she heads back to school. ( She's going back early to hang out with friends and celebrate New Years there.

We have our camping lantern filled with batteries, laptops powered up for watching movies, food to snack on and tea for sipping on.

I can say that today was a no spend day as was Christmas day. Boxing day I stopped to pick up tobacco to a tune of 26.24, plus a scratch ticket that I lost on.


Maureen said…
Keep safe, I hope you don,t lose your power.
Sharon said…
hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you! We were extremely lucky we didn't get hit with any big storms...I think we are the only ones on the east coast that was missed!
jpkittie said…
Stay Safe!!!! I really hope the weather isn't horrible for ya! good luck! (but I love your snacks being ready & tea ready too!)
The Witch said…
Great idea getting everything ready for a power outage. We also do the same thing especially when the lights start to flicker. The winds were about 100km or more last night so the siding was squeaking like crazy(no sleep)so I'm planning on napping some time during the day.
Hope you are safe and warm and your power stays ON!!
Canadian Saver said…
I thought the winds were as bad as the last 3 weeks. We didn't get as much snow as was forecast, but what fell was very heavy.

Hope you escaped the worst, Sam and the Witch!
Jane said…
You guys are storm central this winter! Makes our 60cm of snow look like nothing. I worry about my little house on PEI, hope it's holding together. I'm glad you're prepared for the worst but sure hope you don't have to experience it. Thinking of you!

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