I wish I could have taken a picture!

Merry Christmas everyone! I just wanted to share what I had the pleasure of seeing this morning...


I was out with the dog at 6:00, and looked up and first was amazed at the fact it wasn't raining, and then I sat down, as I looked at the moon and thought "WOW, it's got a ring around it this morning. Then as I sat there, you could see the rainbow colors develop even more... What a beautiful sight in the sky on Christmas eve morning... It's one I'll never forget.

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who've reminded me over this past year to slow down and see the little things in life, this morning was amazing!


Maureen said…
What a lovely sight, and it,s something I havent yet had the pleasure of seeing, Mother nature has some treats in store for those who take the time to look up.

have a merry christmas
jpkittie said…
how beautiful!!!!

I hope you have a safe & happy holiday!!!! :)
Sharon said…
Wish I could have seen that one! Sounds absolutely beautiful!

Jane said…
What a special moment that must have been...early morning, very quiet, just you and your dog - sounds magical! I would take it as a very positive omen:)
Enjoy your Christmas Sam!
The Witch said…
Wish I had of seen that it sounds so beautiful.
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
Hubby and I are off for 10 wonderful days I can't be anymore happier if I tried.
Canadian Saver said…
I was up at that time, just didn't look outside... sounds wonderful! Hope you are enjoying your time with DD :-)

Merry Christmas!

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