Home again...

My interview was OK. I was completely blindsided by the structure and by one of the interviewers, but I held my own I think. The job starts in January... Plus I was the first of 12 they interviewed. I think they're planning on letting us know by Christmas Eve if not sooner.

DD is home, along with her laundry, all 10 loads... My sister and I packed up and did a little cleaning. Her room was an absolute tip... It's no wonder her anxiety level has been sky high... Good thing she and her room mate are the same way, but holey moley, My anxiety level was through the roof when I went in. Oh, and she's upset with me, as i didn't pack her phone charger or medication? Uh, hello... we went in, cleaned, put all 10 loads of dirty laundry into things, tried to sweep and clean the best we could under the circumstances, but there are a few things she needed to do for herself and didn't. She'll have to buy a new charger today... Out of her own pocket... I also witnessed her having a tantrum over her phone and saw her toss the phone to the floor. I told her you break it, too bad, I'm not buying you another one..

The adjust will be difficult I suspect... But we shall see.

Today, I need to buy a few groceries, do laundry, walk the dog, make gingerbread houses and babysit my nephew... It should be a good one. I'm not going to get the tree today, as I think it'll just add to the chaos. It was wait until Monday or Tuesday. Oh, and I need to buy a gift for a baby shower. I may use my Shoppers points to get the gift.

I hope everyone has a great week-end!


jpkittie said…
so no matter how old they get, they never stop blaming you for things and having tantrums? am i reading that right??? haha... dd is 7 - I guess I have a super long road ahead!

cheers to a great weekend. have fun with laundry
Jane said…
My princess..err DD I mean, is 20 and we go through similar episodes where it's my fault when something goes wrong:) We had a talk today about "honesty" with regards to HER cell phone. Something is wrong with the hole where she puts the charger into the phone and she can't charge it. She was prepared to phone the company and say something else is wrong with it in order to get a free replacement. I told her I couldn't support any action that I considered "dishonest" and she got a bit offended that I didn't jump to her defense. After a few minutes of silence she perked up again but I don't know what she's decided to do. It's her decision. She feels that the phone companies are out to get her and sell junky products so it's within her rights to "fib".
I didn't raise her this way, honest.
Maureen said…
We used to take a compass into our Daughters room at one time. Now when I visit her home I have a secret laugh when she scolds her children for making a mess.

I have uncrossed everything now as I,m sure you held your own at the interview, now it,s just the waiting.
Sharon said…
Ugh. I can relate to the tantrums. My older two never blamed me, but that is why I had my third daughter....so I could experience it firsthand...

Things will calm down after a day or so. It's always hard when they come home from their complete independence and have to re-conform to living at home!

Glad you held your own on the interview...12 other candidates are a lot, but usually they interview the one they want the most first! Enjoy your weekend!
The Witch said…
Glad that you will be working from home now and won't have to do any long distance driving in crappy weather. Plus a bonus on your gas bill.
Hopefully DD will come around, she is a young women now and really shouldn't be blaming Mom for any disasters that may occur in her life.
I hope you scored high in the interview. Will you have to go back for a second one?
Anonymous said…
Everything is always "our" fault.. lol! My son is 16 and blames me for mostly everything too... lol! I was hoping he'd outgrow that sooner than later however!

Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend!

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