Happiness is...

A dog snuggled by your feet
A bowl of oatmeal with some raspberries and blackberries added to the mix
A good nights sleep
Approval from your boss to go back to school, without having to use vacation time
Knowing that everything you've bought for Christmas has been paid for in cash

It's only 7:00 am, and December has started out on a fantastic note!


jpkittie said…
Yippee for December! it is going to be a great month, I can tell already!
Jane said…
Happy December Sam! Its funny - I woke up this morning with a sense of well-being also. There are some crappy work issues but I have no control over that. Personally and financially things are going so well and yes, like you I have December and Christmas under control. Enjoy your day!
It is definitely the simple things that make us happy!
Canadian Saver said…
Great attitude :) glad things are starting so well in December :)
Congratulations on school without giving up vacation! That's amazing! I've got a vein of envy for you on this - as I'm doing the same thing, but I have to give up vacation and take a leave of absence to finish
Sharon said…
LOVE this list! Cash spending is so freeing...no lingering cc bill to find in the mailbox! Here's to a debtfree Christmas!
Antie Eboo said…
I have been having a fantastic morning too! I'm excited for this month, and all that it will hold for us. Happy December!
The Witch said…
What a great list. I know the feeling of having Christmas all paid for up front.
My parcel has been sent off and I just have some baking left to do and maybe I'll even make a meat pie this year for Christmas Eve.
I'm feeling this may be one of our best Christmas's ever.
Maureen said…
All these positive thoughts, is their something in the water LOL

Like you I,m feeling optimistic about my future, bring it on.
ND Chic'c Cents said…
Happiness is...a hug from someone you love! Yay for December!

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