Friday night was not so good at the resturaunt

Last night was what we call "hillbilly" night. It's the night when people who don't come to town very often go out to eat after Christmas shopping all day. That equals no tips- on their bills. The best example last night? The bill was over 100.00, and they had lots of refills and good service, but nothing? Which meant for their dining experience I had to pay 2.50 out of my pocket to the kitchen... My sales were 700.00 for the evening and I came home with 32.00 after tip out... I made more money Tuesday night and my sales were 350.00. I was disappointed, but I had fun working with a good crew last night... All the girls experienced the same thing last night, but we kept on smiling and making the customers laugh and had fun.

The tree is finally finished, thanks to DD and her friends adding the finishing touches to the tree. Now I just need to hang the stockings and the tree skirt.

Today I plan on going to the library, laundry, and some cleaning. I also want to ensure that I have everything I need to bake with and get started with that first thing Monday morning. Monday afternoon, DD and I need to do a few things, so we'll take a few hours and get those things done.

Tuesday we're supposed to have a big storm, so we'll hunker down and spend the day possible cooking, playing board games and reading, added into the mixture will be lots and lots of shoveling and playing with the dog in the snow.

Speaking of the dog, he went for a little swim yesterday while on our walk. Crazy dog. Open water in December and he jumps in. He also spotted a rabbit yesterday and did the hunter stance. Too cute. If I was a hunter I'd train him to retrieve the game, but I'm not!


Sharon said…
Um, really? I have another name for those customers other than "hillbilly"! Unacceptable in my book.

Oh well, glad your spirits were high.

It sounds like you have a great week planned! I'm jealous of your down time! :)! Enjoy!
Jolie said…
I hope the day at home brings you lots of good memories. Sorry your evening's customers were so spiritless.
Maureen said…
Maybe your customers were PF bloggers having a cheap Christmas, only kidding, good for you for giving them great service. What a mean lot.

I,m not sure that I understand why you had to pay $2.50 to the kitchen, whats that about.

Enjoy your time with DD, is your dog nuts or what LOL

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