25 Days of Christmas....

First I want to say thanks to JP Kittie for doing this. I hadn't planned on joining in as I thought I wasn't going to be around home enough to do it, but sometimes you do things without even realizing what your intention is. Here's the link to her idea.


Wednesday, I gave a co-worker a little something for just her. That was day 1.
Day 2 I went to a Christmas party and shocked a lot of people there, as I'm normally not a big party goer.
Day 3, I went to our local Christmas parade with my family. It was good and we knew a ton of people on the floats.
Day 4, I attended my old workplaces Christmas kids party and I saw so many people. I loved seeing the little kids, and one little girl really stood out in my mind, she hugged Santa and followed him around! Too cute.

And just so you can have an early morning laugh, I locked myself out of the house just a few minutes ago. Its a good thing my sister lives close, as she brought over a spare key! LOL. I'm also thankful that its very mild outside, as I was in my PJ's!


Sharon said…
Sounds like a GREAT start to the season...wow, all those parties already!

I tend to lock myself out of my car...on more than one occasion...glad you sis lives near by!
Jane said…
In your pjs lol! It's snowing here so I wouldn't advise going out in pjs! Always a good plan to have someone with an extra key nearby! (Of course, now that I've said that I must confess that it's 12:08pm and I'm STILL IN MY PJs:) Making Sunday morning stretch today!
The Witch said…
Oh I've so been there locking myself out of the house when we first moved in and having to walk over a mile to a neighbor I didn't know in PJ's.
What a surprise they got.( Crazy lady in PJ's)
It's well worth a post in it's self one day.
Sounds like you are having fun and some well deserved friend and family times.
jpkittie said…
That sounds fantastic!!!! Love that you are doing the 25 days of Christmas!!! :)

that is super cute, so glad that I am not the only one who has moments of silliness!!!
Maureen said…
I,m thinking maybe a new pair of PJ,s from Santa just in case you do it again LOL

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