The week-end ended on a great note

My nephew and I had fun today. We put up Christmas decorations, he played with the dog while I cleaned, we walked the dog, went bowling and watched "The little Mermaid & the Polar Express". My sister and parents had fun shopping and were thankful that I could watch him for the day. I think I even have my nephew convinced that he should come for a sleep over one night, so my sister and her husband can have a free night.

I had a visit with my BF, she's doing OK. She's going to come over Friday night, and we'll drink some wine and have a few laughs.

I went to my work party, and won a cooler/I-pod player, plus a 50.00 best buy card! Yahoo! Plus I came home with lunch tomorrow, and I only have to bring a few food items this week, as my land lady called and said don't bother with a whole lot of food, I've been cooking this week-end!

Now I'm off to bed and thinking that this has been one of the best week-ends I've had in a long time!


jpkittie said…
Nice Score!!!!! Looks like you did have a good weekend!!! hope you have a great week
Sharon said…
Your weekend sounded wonderful! So glad you had a great time!

Congrats on winning!!! That's awesome!
Canadian Saver said…
Congrats on the great prizes!

We've already got half this week over with, well, almost :-)

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