Time to rearrange the living room

That's what I did today, cleaned and rearranged the living room in preparation for the holiday season. I also stripped my bed, washed all the bed linens and hung them on the line, flipped the mattress and vacuumed it too! I also took the dog for a walk, talked to one of my sisters on the phone for an hour and talked to DD on the phone for an hour too!

We planned our Christmas Eve activities ( board games, movies, and pomegranate martini's), brunch Christmas morning ( at my sisters) I'll be making "Bacon Cheddar Potato Tart", and Christmas dinner at my mother's.

Now it's just a matter of buying the food, wrapping the gifts and decorating the house. Bring on the season!


Sharon said…
Do you have a recipe for pomegrante martinis?? They sound delicious!!

I have to prep the house before the holidays too. I'll get carpets cleaned and walls washed. I should also flip my mattress as well!

It sounds like you have great plans for the holidays!
The Witch said…
I'm with Sharon do you have a recipe for pomegranate martinis? Working at a restaurant you may have the inside scoop!! You have had a busy weekend again and it also sounds like your nephews have adopted your dog.
Wish I was there on Christmas Eve to play board games. What a great tradition, plus I love board games.
Value Village has lots right now at low prices because I think people are making way for the new.

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