Short work week... and a little spending

I ended up spending 10.00 yesterday for a couple of items ( I could have spent less but I bought chips and a magazine... I ended up throwing the rest of the chips out and the magazine? It wasn't worth the money). I must stick to my list...

I did sell my old winter tires from my car yesterday for 100.00. That money will go towards buying 3 or 4 Christmas gifts. Tomorrow is pay day and I'll pay the bills, and buy a few things at the grocery store. I have 50.00 put away for groceries, and add to my list of things to pick up for Christmas baking.

I underestimated how long it was going to take me to do something at work. I'll have to do a big chunk at home. I figure that it'll take me about 6 hours to complete. When I come back on Monday it'll take me another 1-2 hours to finish it off, and then I'll be done with that task until January.

I'll be home in less than 12 hours, and I'll call my mother to see if she can feed me supper tonight. ( I know roght now that if I have to cook for myself I'll end up eating popcorn and yogurt for supper).


Canadian Saver said…
Wow, nice long holiday break.. Enjoy :) I work Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning ... Can't complain cuz I had a nice break :)

Enjoy being home!!
The Witch said…
Sounds like you are going to have a nice long break, just like myself.
I work Wed. and don't go back till Tuesday. YA HOOO!!!
Hopefully you will get your extra work done at home in record time so you can fully relax. Are you working this weekend?
Jane said…
Popcorn and yogurt? Not bad...grains, fibre, dairy, calcium, protein. Throw in a stick of celery and you're covered lol!
its me, sam said…
Witch I work Saturday night until close again, and the same thing the next week-end. Fingers crossed I make good money again. Friday I have to attend a work function, but it's looking like I'm meeting a friend later and I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping on Friday afternoon/evening.
Sharon said…
Ah, I'm a real sucker for magazines...especially if there is a long line and I have time to see a whole bunch!

Enjoy your time off!

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