Shopping yesterday

I went Christmas shopping yesterday. I did buy some pj's for the little girl's in my life besides DD, and bought DD a few things too. I also bought myself another pair of skinny jeans that fit, a tunic style sweater, and a couple of t-shirts. Plus I bought some things at Cosco, hand cream, a new dog bed for puppy, etc. Now all I have left to do is get 2 pairs of pj's for my youngest nephews, the movie money for 2 more nephews, plus the stocking stuffers for DD and I'll be done.

My brother's youngest came to spend the week-end with my parents, and my mother collected the dog yesterday so he could play with my nephews. My brothers youngest asked my mother yesterday " when Aunt Sam dies can I have puppy to keep?" Both of my nephews and the dog were exhausted last night, a busy day filled with sunshine and play makes little boys and dogs tired!

Today I'm booked in for a massage, then I'll come home, do some yard work and work tonight.


Jane said…
It must feel great to be that close to being finished with your Christmas shopping. I have yet to begin! so isn't it fortunate that I only have to shop for two people, my partner and daughter:)
My DD always prepares me a LIST so that Idon't go astray and get her something she doesn't like or want. She's so thoughtful that way lol!
its me, sam said…
I buy DD a few things for Christmas ( I used to spend a lot of money but not anymore). I have an idea for something for her, so I'll get ready for that soon. I want to have the shopping done by December 1st, so when I'm home working I can relax and enjoy spending time with DD and my family.
Sharon said…
Almost finished?? Yikes. That makes me nervous.

I'm very jealous about the massage...enjoy!!

Jane! I would feel like I died and went to heaven if I only had to shop for!
jpkittie said…
wow - how nice it must be to be close to being done shopping!!! I have a few things done but still have a bunch more to get... dh got ot last week, so I am planning on using that to get pretty close to finished up :)

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