Satruday was a good day!

Saturday was very relaxing. I went for a massage, ran a few errands, took the dog for a walk, packed and delivered DD's care package to her friend, plus joined a friend to see a play that was being put on by the local youth drama club.

The play was excellent, and the kids did a great job. I know about 1/2 the kids that were in the play, so it was nice to see some of them coming out of their shells.

Today my nephew is coming to spend the day, so my sister can get her shopping done, and I have a busy day scheduled. We'll decorate the living room for Christmas, take the dog for a walk, and go to a birthday party. He may be here for supper, so I'll take some pizza dough out of the freezer and we'll make pizzas for supper.

I'm back to the office tomorrow, so I have to pack my bags and do a few things to get ready for the week.

Here's looking forward to a better week!


I am so glad you had a great Saturday! You deserved it! Have a great week!
The Witch said…
You Saturday sounds as if it was very relaxing.
Hope you have a great day with your nephew decorating for Christmas. I'm sure he must be getting excited about HO HO coming soon.
jpkittie said…
sounds like a wonderful day!!!!!

hope you have a great weekthis week!
Jane said…
I think that massage you had set the tone for your whole weekend! You are busy but no overly so and the things you are doing are both enjoyable and meaningful!
The Witch said…
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Maureen said…
I also wish you a better week, as the last few days have been a shocker for you.

Nearly Santa time.

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