Next week-end is fully booked

Next week-end ( the last one in November is fully booked). I have a hair appointment on friday, my parents 50th anniverasry is on the week-end too, so that means booking supper out ( they don;t want a party, just supper), a theater performace to attend, my god daughter's birthday party and I'm taking my nephew to it, and finally on Sunday night, the Christmas party for the resturaunt, which will cost me 10.00 for the meal, and I need to buy a yankee swap gift for 15.00. Good thing I booked the week-end off work!

The gift for my god daughter is wrapped and ready to go, the tickets are bought for the show, I have the money set aside for my hair cut, so all I need is to pay for part of my parents meal and the work party!

I can't believe how fast this month is going. Before we know it, Christmas Eve will be here!


You are right, Christmas Eve will be here before you know it! Enjoy your upcoming weekends!
Canadian Saver said…
50th anniversary,wow! My parents' 40th will be next year , need to put $$ aside for gift...

Sounds like a good weekend you have lined up! I can't wait til the 24th @ 4 pm!! Gotta plan the holidays more( food, gifts), I'm not organized like you!!
The Witch said…
You are booked. I love the Yankee swap gift idea. We have a booze draw at work where you take a deck of cards and can pick your own card.
$5.00 for one card or two for $10.00. You get half the card and the other half goes into a bag. We then get together for a lunch paid for by the company(I work for a great company)Then as you are eating one person takes a half card out and if it's your card then you are out. Then you draw the next card until there is one winner left.
We usually have the last three cards as being winning prizes.
One may be $150.00, $50.00 or whatever amount is decided.
It is so much fun. I have the coloured joker and the Queen of heart.
Maureen said…
What,s with trying to scare me with all this talk of Christmas ???

Does,nt Santa know we have just had a Wedding ??

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