I'll be eating moose meat this week

Yes, you read the title this week, I'll be eating moose meat this week. I helped my friend ( let's call her "Rosie" clear out her mother's apartment on Saturday afternoon, and someone had gifted her mother with a very large ( 2-3 pound) moose steak. My friend doen't like it, and she passed it over to my happy little hands. Moose is red meat with very little fat. I'll be using part to make a stew, and roasting the rest to use in a pot roast ( I'll freeze that part). I find that it tastes very similar to beef and doesn't normally taste "gamey", unlike deer meat.

I was also gifted with 16 mason jars of all sizes! I have to say however, it was a real wake-up call for me. "Rosies" mother had lots of "JUNK", things shoved in every nook and cranny. Overwhelming by times. It's motivating me to clear out and have things "ready", becuase if I'm on deaths door, i really don't want people going through my stuff and saying "keep, toss, or donate", and the bulk being tosses, as it's garbage. "Rosie" and I had a good chat over the "stuff" in her mother's home. I told her that her mother is more than her "stuff", it's what in her heart and memories."Rosie" stuffers from the clutter bug too, and I think she felt a sigh of relief having friends there to help out. "Rosies" mom is still hanging in, but I worry about "Rosies" mental health... Not eating, not sleeping, losing weight are indicators of depression, and "Rosie" is worried about falling into a deep depression after her mother passes. I've recommended a few therapists to her, as she needs to talk to someone who is impartial to the whole process. ( Family dynamics are coming into play and the caretaker often takes the blame for decisions made).

I do need to get a few things for this week, fruit and a couple of other things. Oh and my good news for the week? I'm taking next Wednesday off, meaning I'll sleep in my own bed for 6 nights next week! ( I'll be cleaning inside and outside next Wednesday and Thursday). So my rent will only be 95.00 for the next 2 weeks!

The moose meat was not well cut or very sanitary... Think BIG BLACK HAIR stuck to parts! Gross- I ended up buying fried chicken and fries... LOL


Sharon said…
You are a very good friend to help clean out...stuff really does get in the way, and when it comes right down to it, that's all it is...stuff.

Glad you have some time in your own place!! :)!
Jane said…
That's one meat I've never tried though I would be willing to give it a go. I think therapy would be a great help for your friend - some people feel there is a stigma attached but I've always thought it a wise thing to do. It sounds like she'll need all the support she can get. Friends like you will also help her get through this.
PS - there's no place like home!
Maureen said…
You definitely need some me time after helping out.

My cousin and his wife cleared out my Aunts wardrobe after she had passed away and found money in shoe boxes, wallets,handbags and plastic bags all up she had squirreled away around $80,000 in cash. The sad thing was she always appeared to be hard up so she never got to do things she might otherwise have enjoyed.

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