I solved the computer problem and work related items

This morning I cleared off my desk. I've been trying for the past 15 months to figure out a better way to have my much needed work items close at hand, yet not taking up my work space. I think I may have figured out the answer. I still have some papers to file away, but they are all organized by the right categories.

I even had a chance to make some much needed calls, and discovered that one place of business that neglected to call me back for the past 2 months, had the file sitting on someones desk. And yes, I had called and left messages in that office.

The computer glitch I encountered yesterday? All I had to do was the opposite of what the e-mail said and problem solved. I finished up that task in about 40 minutes!

Oh, and the potato chips that were calling my name last night? I ate about 1/3 of the bag and 3 chocolate covered cherries and decided that a nap would be the right fix. I ended up sleeping until almost 9 last night, then I chatted to my sister on facebook and watched tv until 11:30. I did sleep, but I ended up having hot flashes, so I would kick all the blankets off, fall back asleep, wake up cold, bury myself under the blankets and repeated the cycle until 6:00 this morning.

My resume and cover letter just need a little more tweaking and I'll be ready to send it off tomorrow. There's a job similar in my home town to what I'm doing now posted, so I'm applying for it. I was chatting with a group of people last week about the job, and one person said " oh, is that the job that so and so is going to get?". A bit disheartening, but you never know.

I'll have to post soon about my finaces for the month and where I stand for Christmas shopping. ( I figure I'll finish my shopping this week-end, with the exception of the stockings).


Maureen said…
Sam I think I would be ignoring the comment about someone else being earmarked for the job, you never can tell.
And good on you for not consoling yourself with potato crisps, a chat with Sister was a better option.

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